Anssila provides comfortable accommodation with 35 beds in four different buildings.

Breakfast is served in the main building of the farm, or you can cook it yourself

in the kitchenette in the accommodation facility.

We are easy to find; we are located along the Ilomantsi–Joensuu road number 74,

just 4 km from the town of Ilomantsi.

A Karelian hill landscape can be admired on Anssilanvaara Hill.

Our Eastern Finncattle, known as kyyttö in Finnish, keep the landscape open.


Maukkulan Mustikkamäki Oy is an accommodation company operating in Maukkula, Ilomantsi.

Our accommodation building is a former school built in 1939.


The place is ideal for families with children.

In the summertime, children can pet and help to feed the domestic animals.

The fields of the hilly landscape are actively used in farming and produce raw materials for the local foods that our company uses. We bake organic bread in our home bakery and sell it directly to customers or in bigger batches on order. Handicrafts made by locals are also for sale.

Designed by Architectural Firm Åberg-Sirén-Borg and completed in 1924 as school for the village of Mekrijärvi, the main building and the ancillary buildings in the yard provide a unique setting

for visitors to Megri.


The main building looks out over a genuine Ilomantsi lake scene of Mekrijärvi Lake,

the bogs beyond the lake and the village of Ryökkylä on the opposite side.


People have been rowing on these waters for centuries, these are the shores on which the famous oral poets of Mekrijärvi have recited their poems and this is where history meets the modern day!

Puustila Scenic Farm in the village of Maukkula, Ilomantsi, has Grey Finnsheep and a Finnhorse, which maintain the hilly landscape by grazing on the hillside fields, wood pastures

and the Natura meadow.


We provide bed & breakfast accommodation in a charmingly rustic milieu, and our services also include a sauna, a heated barrel hot tub and guided nature tours. Sheep products produced on the farm, such as sheepskins and wool, are for sale on the farm. You can freely walk along the cultural nature path on your own.

You can visit us in the summer to greet the lambs and throughout the year to admire the traditional landscape.

Ilomantsi has a wide range of accommodation options.

The local bed & breakfast accommodation services also include programmes

of diverse activities and local guidance.

In the evenings, you can relax in a Finnish sauna.

If you’re lucky, you can see the Northern lights in the dark night sky

or at least thousands of stars – and admire them

from a warm barrel hot tub, if you wish.

Here are some of the places of accommodation that we recommend.

You can make a booking by contacting the accommodation provider directly.

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